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2021, Lara, BLACK DARK - YOUR VOICE: NORTH EAST, Live Theatre, Jonluke McKie

2021, Aerwyna, TUB TIME: UNPLUGGED, Northern Stage & Unfolding Theatre, Jake Smith
2019, Stage, Farmer Alex, A LETTER TO SANTA, Middlesbrough Theatre, David Tuffnell
2019, Stage, Annie Chapman/Nelly Holland/Police Officer, THE UNFORTUNATES (TOUR), Timeworks Theatre, Sarah Seymour
2019, Stage, Ellie, #METHREE (R&D), The Exchange, Elen Benfield
2018, Puppeteer, NORTH: PUPPETRY, Northern Stage, Tom Walton & Mark Calvert
2017, Stage, Greek Chorus, THE SUPPLIANT WOMEN, Northern Stage/Actors Touring Company, Ramin Gray
2016, Stage, Elizabeth, COAL GIRLS, Oldham Coliseum, Francesca Waite
2016, Stage, Mr Doyle, ARTHUR MILLER: THE BURNING GLASS, Bolton Octagon, David Thacker & Joe Mellor
2015, Stage, Book Keeper, A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE, Bolton Octagon, David Thacker
2015, Stage, Margaret, COAL GIRLS (R&D), Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre, Ashleigh Sinclair
2015, Stage, Syme/ Prole Woman 1, 1984 (TOUR), Oldham Coliseum, Liz Postlethwaite
2015, Stage, Peter/Emily, EARTHQUAKES IN LONDON, ALRA, Adam Quayle
2015, Stage, Bertozzo, ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST, ALRA, Paul Elsam
2015, Stage, Ophelia, HAMLET, ALRA, Kate Coogan
2015, Stage, Natasha, THREE SISTERS, ALRA, Andrew Fillis
2015, Stage, Jo, A TASTE OF HONEY, ALRA, Judy Holt
2014, Stage, Greek Chorus, AGAMEMNON, ALRA, Collette Murray
2013, Stage, Bobby, THE VISIT, Northern Stage, Mark Calvert
2013, Stage, Ensemble, STARING GIRL AND ROBOT BOY, National Youth Theatre, Natasha Nixon & Katy Weir
2012, Stage, Ensemble, SHOOT/GET TREASURE/REPEAT, Springboard Residency, NorthernStage, Mark Calvert


2021, Film, Michelle, BIN DAY (SHORT), BBC iPlayer, Richard Scott, (Audience Award for BEST SHORT FILM, North East International Film Festival)
2020, Film, Gertrude, NUMISMATICS (SHORT) Houmi Miura, BBC Writers Room
2017, Film, Queen Victoria's Maid, THE BLACK PRINCE (FEATURE), Netflix & Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Kavi Raz
2019, Film, Natalie Richards, TRUTH (SHORT), Horror Lust Film festival/Manchester Lift-Off
Film Festival, Jack Abernethy
2019, Film, Teacher, THE DEMON IN TAEGAN (SHORT), Tyneside Cinema, Lauren Hatchard
2018, Film, Miss Barns, CLASSROOM INVASION (SHORT), Tyneside Cinema, Sam Gannie
2016, Film, Elle, FOOD FOR THOUGHT (SHORT), First Take, Lynne Harwood
2016, Film, Number 6, ZEDS (SHORT), First Take, Lynne Harwood
2015, Film, Sarah, DAY: 1 (SHORT), National Youth Film Academy, James Ellis & James Dyer


2018, Commercial, Featured Role, COUCH TO 5K ADVERT RELAUNCH, BBC Sport, Laura Milroy & Freya Radford
2016, Commercial, Tennant (Main), LETPROOF.COM - THE FUTURE OF LETTING, Google/SL Content, Jonathan Linsley


2021, Radio, Mam, SCAR TOP ('FALLING' EPISODE) UNITED KINGDOMS, BBC Radio 4, Polly Thomas

2021, Radio, Narrator, THE SILENT PLAY, NE Lass Can, Emma Millen
2015, Radio, Katie, LIAR, ALRA, Emma Gregory

Rehearsed Reading

2021, Rehearsed Reading, Blyth/Tracey, THE TWA SISTERS/TEA BREAK, Middlesbrough Theatre, Laura Lonsdale

2021, Rehearsed Reading, Bugsy, FIRST DATES - FOUR NEW PLAYS, The Central Scratch/Squiggle Productions, Adam Kinneen

2021, Rehearsed Reading, Connie/Audience Member/Announcer, THE FIESTA FAWNS, Less is MORE, David Tuffnell
2021, Rehearsed Reading, Suzi, MABEL, BBC Writers Room, Houmi Miura
2020, Rehearsed Reading, Maxine, LIKE A VIRGIN, Nebula Theatre, Kyle Fisher
2020, Rehearsed Reading, Dr Lorna James, THE EFFECT, Nebula Theatre, Kyle Fisher

Further Credits

2021, Voice Over, Lizzy, 10 THINGS TO DO IN A SMALL CUMBRIAN TOWN, Alphabetti Theatre, Jonluke McKie

2021, Voice Over, Mam (ADR), ROCKET MAN (SHORT), Tyneside Cinema, Lewis Hanlon
2021, Workshop, DIY FAT PERFORMANCE PROJECT, Colchester Arts Centre, Gillie Kleiman
2020, Music Video, Main, I WILL BE THERE – BE QUIET. SHOUT LOUD!, Wipe Out Music, Richard Baker
2019, Musical, Buffy/Molly, ALMOST EXACTLY CABARET, Oxi-Morons Theatre Company, Ray Taylor
2019, Workshop, Rachel/Winter, DAUGHTERHOOD/DEXTER AND WINTER’S DETECTIVE AGENCY, Paines Plough, Stef O’Driscoll
2019, Workshop, Various Roles, ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY, RSC, EricaWhyman
2019, Workshop, Various Roles, MOTION CAPTURE, The MoCap Vaults, Oliver Hollis-Leick
2017, Workshop, Ensemble, PETRICHOR, Zendeh, Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh & Margaret Hannon

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