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'Butter' & 'The Thief' filmed July 2021
Written, directed & filmed by Chris & Steph Stone


Comedy Scene

Sophie - Rachel Stockdale
Mike - David Hopper
Written, filmed & directed by Chris & Steph Stone.

The Thief

Hattie - Rachel Stockdale
Sally - Shannon Rewcroft
Written by Steph Stone
Filmed & directed by Chris Stone

Bin Day

A short film written & performed by Rachel Stockdale
Edited & directed by Richard Scott
Director of Photography: Robert Carr

Video Singing Reel

'Shine' Billy Elliot, 'I Say No' Heathers & folk song 'Sleep Song'

Bin Day

BBC Upload Festival 2021


Written by Houmi Miura

Performed by Rachel Stockdale

Directed by Richard Scott

Commercial Reel

Featuring Couch to 5k BBC Sport Advert, Promo Video

This Fat Girl Can: Present

Street interviews in the heart of London in response to THAT Kardashian weight picture, assuming a woman's weight is her worth.

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