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Bin Day Selected for BBC iPlayer

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

During lockdown I decided to pretend to be a middle-class actor and use the time I had to

create my own work, as I could not return to my day job (supply teaching) and had never had so much free time before. I decided to hone in on my casting and had the idea that my character would be in her dressing gown and slippers in her alleyway (oh the glamour!). I was inspired by Alan Bennet’s Talking Heads to write something speaking to camera, as if it was another character in the film.

I have written a few plays for the theatre, but writing for screen was very different. I worked

with Richard Scott of ‘The Film Look’ to edit my micro-short, cutting any exposition and making the shifts around the action, whether it be a move by Robert Carr behind the camera (acting as the drunken-ex) or a move from Michelle. After a few rehearsals on FaceTime, we set up in a back yard and filmed outside, socially distanced, the day before the 2nd lockdown was announced.

Bin Day is one take, all to camera. We filmed in North Tyneside and the challenge was

embracing the sounds of the area (including well-meaning neighbours asking if I was ok and if the news crew were bothering me!), timing the piece around the 10 minute metros, and at one point, a stray dog. Despite the challenges we all enjoyed the day and it felt like such an

ensemble piece, with Rob playing the ex and working wonders with the camera, Richard

directing and on boom and myself as the writer, actor and producer.

I am really proud of the piece and of the fact that in the toughest circumstances, we created

something with no budget and that worked within the government guidelines of the time. It

has also been great to have the time to submit Bin Day to things and we were over the moon

when it was shown at Lift-Off Film Festival. It was also selected for BBC Upload Festival 2021 and I was proud to represent Teesside and the North East on BBC iPlayer.

I can now put on my CV that I’ve officially been bleeped by the BBC!

Please find the link to Bin Day on BBC iPlayer below (watch from 02:33)


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